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Pick Up & Delivery

Daphne . Alabama

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Mon-Fri: 7am - 6pm
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Pick Up & Delivery

Because of its convenience one of the most valued services by our clients is Pick Up & Delivery

Our Pick Up & Delivery offer three services:

I. Full Time Route
Three or four times per month.

II. On Call
Based on 6 pieces minimum per trip.
A "Full Time Route" turns into "On Call" when nothing is chosen in 4 weeks.

III. One Way
Items are dropped by yourself.
Available if you're part of a monthly plan.

Customer Credit Application

Pick Up & Delivery Services are based upon credit approval.

To all NEW Route Customers (Pick up & Delivery)

1. Must have all clothes out for pickup by 8 am.

2. Please place items in green bags which are provided to you and leave on front porch.

3. If special instructions are needed place a note in the bag with the items. The Customer Service Representatives will give special attention.

4. As a customer courtesy to you, In case of bad weather, if we feel the normal drop off location is not a well covered area, your garments will be taken back to the store and delivered on the next delivery day.

5. If you are an on call customer, you must call the day before your scheduled pick up.

6. For your convenience please inform us if you are moving or going out of town for periods of time.

7. Please place door hangers on front door so that door knobs will not be damaged during pickup and deliveries.

8. Statements will be processed and sent to you on the last Wednesday of the month. Credit cards will be charged at the same time.

9. Should you have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call (251) 621-3424.

10. In the case of a credit card decline or cancelation or lack of on file the items could be held at store until the correct information is received.

Thank you for joining the Champion Cleaners Experience. We appreciate your business!!