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Daphne . Alabama

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About Us

"An integral part of our business approach is to be as convenient as possible, so we try to think everything in advance and consider every aspect so that our clients won’t have to wait.” - Chris Harris, Owner

We try to bring value to every aspect of our service beyond than what is expected. Our satisfaction is to see it happen, and to watch our clients realize it. We have many clients that, before leaving, come and say, "Thank you.” This gives our work a meaning we pursue and cherish.

We care deeply about the community. We meet a lot of people that allow us to learn about our community, which makes us get involved through volunteering, donations, etc. I have found that besides customer service and contributing to our community, another of my deepest satisfactions is to see that families get involved. Some workers have been with us for 9 years. I still talk with our first cashier, another interaction that makes me remember that the human beings and community touched my business. This is what matters to me most.